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WINTER IS HERE! And here are some hints and reminders....

Remember, snow removal does not happen unless there is 2" of snow or more and snow has stopped. This is because it does not make economic sense to pay for show removal if it is still snowing, just to have to pay them again a few hours later to redo it. Only exception would be is if a MAJOR snow fall of 8" or more and snowing for longer than 24 hours. At that point plows will come through and clear main dives only, once it stops snowing the clean up will be done.

2. in order to plow correctly your cars MUST be removed from parking space. Your car isn't moved, your space and possibly those next to you won't get plowed.

3. the snow removal company does not work for us ONLY. They have many accounts. Sometimes we will be first, sometimes last. PLEASE BE PATIENT


If left on, you risk having a pipe burst. And water pipes are not village or association responsibility, ITS YOURS!

5. Space heaters,
While nice they pose a fire hazard, PLEASE BE CAREFUL with these. Keep them far away from anything flammable.

I can not stress enough the hazards with this, Not only is it a fire hazard, but the fumes can also get into not only your garage or unit, but the entire building! If your going to warm up your car, pull it out of the garage and warm it outside. If we see cars warming in garages YOU WILL get a violation no if, ands, or buts.
It is also a LAW that cars MAY NOT be left running UNATTENDED! It car is running you must either be IN it, or cleaning it off.

7. Salting
While we would LOVE to be able to afford to salt all the sidewalks and drives each time it snows, It is not financially possible. The cost for the salt itself and especially the labor is VERY HIGH, so we need to use this ONLY when absolutely necessary.
That said, we have had one 5 gallon bucket of ice melt delivered to each building. It is in most cases outside of either the A or F unit of each building.
If you need to use some, feel free, but this ice melt is VERY CONCENTRATED! So PLEASE use it sparingly. It is also VERY expensive.


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