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2010 Road Rehab
Bike Path 2010


Aug 2010
Bristol Lane work

The village is working on installing a new Water Main on Bristol Lane and all the way to Anne Fox School


Aug 2010
Ground Breaking for NEW Hanover Park Police Dept

On Thursday Sept 16th the village broke ground on their new police dept complex.
This is a project that was long overdue and needed.

The new building will be just west of the commuter lot on lake street across from the new extended care building.
Below are a couple photos of the ground breaking, land as it is now and what it will look like.... Click on them for LARGER versions



Sept 2010
Elgin O'hare improvements?

While at the village meeting on Sept 16th I noticed something on the wall...


A HUGE map showing the Elgin O'hare expressway and surrounding area. Map was by the Illinois Dept of Transportation and said DRAFT on it.

Looking at the key then the map, If I read it correctly the 2 major things I noticed was that it says 4 lanes each direction and a mass transit lines in the center.

I have no other details. Just this map.  Click for larger versions




Aug 2010
Road, curb, sewer and Dumpster work

Well as you can all see.. THE ROAD REPLACEMENT HAS STARTED!  :)

First and foremost it is important that you move your cars off property by 7am during this construction time. The workers need to work and cant if your car is there. Any cars not removed risk having it towed.

As you may have noticed, we are not only getting the roads done, But new storm sewers in the roads, new dumpster corals, a lot on new curbs and sidewalks, wheelchair ramp curbs and to top it off new stripes and fire zone paint :)

This has been many years in the works with numerous meetings between board members, village and management.

When this is finished are roads will be even better than they were when they were first built over 30 years ago.

We know during the construction there will be some inconveniences like parking, noise, dust among them, but in the long run this will be a great improvement to the complex.

There are some things that will be GREATLY enforced once this project is done. This is because this project costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and we do not want to have to do this again for another 30 years.

Any stalls found to have OIL OR GAS on them from leaking cars will be fined. Oil and gas will destroy the blacktop. You will either have to park cars that leak IN your garage, or park it outside the complex. Any damage done to the stalls will be the despicability of the unit owner. This includes the possibility of having the association hire a contractor to repair the damage and the cost being charged back to that unit owner.

SPEEDING will be STRICTLY enforced as well, New speed bumps ill be installed at a later date. but that does not mean its a speed open zone! 10mph is it! NO FASTER. We have a lot of children in the complex and we do not want them or anyone else hurt.

GARBAGE will also be closely watched. Garbage MUST be in CLOSED plastic bags and must be IN the dumpsters. Anyone found not puting their garbage IN the dumpster will be subject to fines. We are working hard to make HAnover Square look better, PLEASE dont make it look like a trash dump.

Before, During and after photos as well as even MORE information about this project will be available soon by visiting the Road Reahab page ... CLICK HERE


July 2010
Board member change

After serving on the board for over 5 years, We announce that Bryna Williamson has resigned from the board. She has recently gotten married and moved from Hanover Square and felt she could no longer give the position the time and energy it requires.

When Bryna first moved into Hanover Square she was not well versed in what the association was all about, and like many this lack of knowledge left her to fell like the association wasn't doing what it was meant to.

After deciding she needed to run for a position on the board and do what she could to improve things. She soon learned that things were much different on the other side of the table and found that the association not only WAS doing a lot, but was doing a lot with the limitations they had. She stayed on the board for 5 years. serving fairly and with pride.

We wish her well and thank her for being an important part of Hanover Square and helping make it a better place.

In her place, Kimberly Dembowski has filled in until the next election in may 2011. She is a long time resident / owner in Hanover Square and has the time and desire to serve


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