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1315 Damage


REMINDER Garage & Porch lights: Must be on from dusk till dawn. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of running a light is not as expensive as many think.
An regular incandescent 60w bulb costs an average of .02 cents per hour to run. A 100w florescent bulb costs about .009 cents. That's less than 1 cent a hour!
So for an average of 8 hours a day for 30days ...
60w incandescent = $4.80 per month
100W florescent = $2.16 per month

May 25 2009
Power Washing and Painting.
Each year we select a few buildings to get painted. We look to see which buildings are in worst shape and go by that determination. We try to do 6 buildings each year. That way each building gets painted every 4 years.
This year the buildings are 7609, 1306. 1307, 1310, 1311 & 1312. The work has already started.

FEB 26 2009
New drainage.
The area we had the largest issue with drainage, between 1303 and 1304 where the water would get ankle high almost every rain has finally been done correctly. The company that had done it originally thought it was all done but made good and came back out to fix the job at no cost to the homeowners!
New drain tile was also installed in the courtyard between 1306 thru 1311 after the village's contractors destroyed it when replacing the water lines in that area.

March 2009
Pot Holes Filled
Well as we normally do we have filled all the MAJOR pot holes. Some smaller ones still need to be filled, and sadly a few new ones popped up, but those will be taken care of soon. If all goes the way we plan, This will hopefully be the last year we need to patch them, as we SHOULD be getting the roads rebuilt in 2010. The village is still working on the paperwork and the engineering as it was a larger project than they had originally planned

FEB 26 2009
1315 damage
On this day a contractor in his work van had destroyed 2 garage doors, a support pillar, a wall and damaged another wall, electrical and another support pillar on the 1315 garages of the A and B units.

Board president Tom was called at work moments after the accident and left work to immediately get to the scène. When he arrived the offending vehicle had already been removed, police were there as well as 2 reps from ACM management. A ticket was issued to the driver and Style construction was there within 45 minuets of our call to them to shore up and board up the damage. Tom stayed at the scène for 4 hours to make sure not only that work was done but that no one got near the area for safety reasons.

Apparently he had hit the gas peddle instead of the brake peddle, making him drive into and through the two garages doing significant damage and causing the 2 garages to be unsafe do to structural damage.

If there is any bright side to this it is that no one was hurt and that he did have insurance. This means that HOPEFULLY the association will not have to make a claim with our insurance company and thus avoiding OUR rates going up.  However, since this has just happened all details are still unclear. Stay tuned for further details.

In the mean time if you would like to see photos of this CLICK HERE

JAN 2009
Parking Reminders
With many units in Hanover Square being bought and sold there has been a rash of cars paring in spaces of vacant units.

PLEASE PLEASE remember.. you may ONLY park in another units space if you have WRITTEN PERMISSION from the UNIT OWNER of the space you wish to park in. This written permission must be sent into the association Management by the owner of the unit who is giving the permission.

If someone parks in a vacant units space and a realtor comes to show the unit, they will not have a space to park in. They will then either par in someone else's space or in fire lane, both of which they could have their car towed. Would you want someone paring in your space without permission? Would you think its fair for you to have to go around knocking on doors to try to figure out where that person is? NO. So please respect others and park ONLY in YOUR space unless you get the written permission from another unit to park in their space.

Cars found to be park in vacant unit spaces, or in other unit spaces without permission WILL be towed at vehicle owners expense.

DO NOT DOUBLE PARK !  Do not park in fire lanes. Again, any vehicle found double parking or in fire lanes also risks being towed


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