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Dec 28 2006

Building repairs Part 2(by Tom Schaefer)
Inspections of the 1312 building have been done, and the "leak" has been determined to NOT be a pipe or roof leak.
Inside of attic, interior of roof, and insulation was found dry and no sign of leek.


Dec 28 2006

Building repairs (by Tom Schaefer)
The brick siding that was in bad need of replacement on the 1308 building is being worked on today.
New wood, tyvek, caulking and face brick was replaced.
1308 Before                1308 during                 1308 after


Dec 27 2006

Building repairs (by Tom Schaefer)
The brick siding that was in bad need of replacement on the 1314 building is being worked on today. Some of the wood on the wall behind the paneling under the windows was also in need of replacement. New wood, tyvek, caulking and face brick was replaced.
1314 before                1314 during                1314 after
The mystery leak in the 1312 building also being looked into. We do not believe it is from the roof, as the roof is brand new.
Work also being done on 1308 building tomorrow.


Dec 26 2006

Menards / Tradwinds property (by Tom Schaefer)
Today I went in and spent a portion of the day talking to the manager of the Value City Furniture store about when they
were moving so that demolition could continue and the new Menards built.
I explained to him that the property as it stands is not only an eye sore, but it also effecting the property values in out complex.
After a lengthy discussion I learned that the Village of Hanover Park has went to the supreme court in order to get "eminent domain" for the property because Value City would not leave due to them having a 99 year lease for the unit they occupy.
I asked when they thought they would move, IF they indeed plan on moving. I was told that they are fighting it but are looking at other properties and might be moving April or May of 07.
In other related news, fences have been erected around the smaller building where the old library and Subway was, as
well as around the smaller section of the remaining strip mall and will soon be torn down.

Dec 23 2006

Lighting (By Tom Schaefer)
This year (scroll down for photos and other info) ALL but two light poles were repaired and working. In addition, two NEW poles were installed, one by the drive near 7608 / 7609 Bristol and the other by drive near 1311 Kingsbury. There has also been a new Village street light installed by the corner by the Kingsbury entrance.
The two remaining poles that are still not operating we are working on getting them working. We realize this looks bad that they are not there, and that it is a safety issue. Issue hear is that these poles need to be wired directly to the transformers
on property and the only ones that are allowed access to the transformers are ComEd and they have not been cooperating with us. We have gone to the village for help in this matter and as of yet have gotten no head way.  I personally as well as
Management have been, are and will continue to be working on this issue until it is done. If you feel this is an issue you feel needs to be done as soon as we do, we encourage you to contact ComEd and the Village of Hanover Park. More voices can only help get it done.
I am also talking with another resident about the possibility of us starting a Lighting Committee and asking if they would be interested in heading it up.


Dec 26 2006

The management and board are more than aware of the condition of the drives and are looking at several options on what to do, how, and how to pay for it.
One of the possibilities we are looking at is having the village take over control of the main drives. This would mean the Village would repair and maintain the main drives ONLY, not the parking spaces. The positive of this is the we would not
have to pay for these repairs out of the association fees. The negative would be that all of our property taxes would go
up to cover it.
Another option is because of the cost of the repair, we can not afford to do all of it at once. We would have to spread it
out over time. Doing it in sections. We have all agreed that the worst part is the main drive off Kingsbury. From the
street to 1301.
15 years ago plans should have been started for drive replacement but sadly weren't. This means that the present board is
not stuck with trying to figure out how to do this and how to pay for it.

If anyone knows anyone in the business that may be able to help us, we would LOVE to hear from them. Anyone helping out will be mentioned on the Hanover Square web site. Companies willing to help out with donation of work, or discounded work we will be happy to Note on site as well.

Board President Tom Schaefer doing driveway patches in October on Kingsbury.
(Click for larger photo)

Once weather warms up Tom will be out again to parch more pot holes.


Aug 2006

New Street signs installed
As we all know the sign on the corner of Kingsbury by the entrance has been missing for some time. and the other signs were in need of replacement after 30 years.
Well all the new signs are UP!

Sadly, one has already been damaged. a new sign is on order and work order is in for the pole replacement as soon as the
sign comes in.


Aug 22 2006

Hanover Square hires American Community Management as new Management company.
After Horizon management terminated the contract we had with them, and Mrs. Hodge leaving them as well, the board of directors had to find a new management company.
We are happy to say that Not only did we find a new management company, but we will continue to have Mrs. Hodge as our property manager!
She has been hired by, and we have hired, American Community Management company. They are located on Write blvd in Schaumburg just off of Irving Park rd by the Schaumburg airport.
We have looked at many companies and ACM is the one we thought had all the qualities we were looking for. Yes, they do cost more, but sadly no mater where we went that would have been the case. Horizon had been giving us the blue light special on management cost for several years and no one could meet that price. It is not a huge increase, but an increase none the less.
But we feel we will now get a much different, more interactive and higher quality of service than we had gotten previous.

Be on the lookout in the mail for new payment books for the association payments, and in introduction letter with all the info you will need. We are excited about this and hope you will be too. This is a new start for Hanover Square!


Oct 06 2006

1301 Fire
On Oct 6 06 there was a fire in our complex. Thankfully no one was hurt, and damage was relatively minor.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you haven't done so in a while, call a service man and have your air ducts cleaned and ESPECIALLY YOUR DRYER VENT! Your dryer vent can get filled with a lot of lint and can easily catch fire. No exact cause was determined
in this fire, but it was not of any neglect or misuse by unit owners. Possible causes could have been a short in the dryer, a small gas leak in dryer, dryer lint built up inside dryer or use of dryer sheets which tend to coat the dryers filter with chemicals that cause them to work less than ideally.

Dryer from unit (click for larger view)
( Note fire started INSIDE dryer between outer kin and drum, Not inside tumbler)


Aug 2006

A gas leak was found in an gas main between the 7605 and 7604 buildings after residents smelled gas in their units. The main was repaired and no injuries or property damage was caused with the exception of the sidewalk where Nicor had to dig up to make the repairs. But this leak did bring up a issue that needs to be addressed NOW

EVERYONE PLEASE inspect your units NOW! If you have a brass flexible gas line connected to your furnace, water heater, dryer or stove, PLEASE PLEASE replace it and call NICOR ASAP! This is a VERY VERY serious issue and we want to prevent any fires and keep everyone safe.

We will be talking to Nicor soon, and setting up inspection dates. Nicor will be inspecting every unit for leaks and for brass hoses. If they can not get into unit to inspect it, or find brass hoses, gas will be shut off as a safety factor. Winter is coming fast so I would call nicor yourself ASAP and arrange this NOW.

1-888- 642 6748

Fires, What can I say, Our insurance is HIGH and we, meaning the association and it residents, can not afford another fire.
We had a small fire in a unit very recently that did not cause any significant damage and no one was hurt, but it was something that could have been avoided.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be VERY away\re of how you  do things. Be careful cooking, don't leave flammable items near stove, furnace, water heater ect, DO NOT GRILL NEXT THE THE BUILDING OR IN GARAGE !



Aug 2006

Swings repaired
After years of not fixing the swings, Board President Tom Schaefer and another kind resident, got parts, painted and repaied the swings located by the 1304 and 7609 buildings.
They had not been repaired in years due to vandalism. It just didn't make sense to keep spending the money just to have them destroyed again. But since most of the problems seem to have subsided, we took the chance of fixing them.
We see the children are really enjoying them and he hope they do. we have talked to them and told them that if they see anyone misusing the swings or trying to damage them to let someone know so it can be stopped before they get broken again.
If your a parent or resident near that area. Please keep an eye out. After all the swings are  part of your area as well.




March 10 2006

Hanover Park Mayor Passes

Irwin A. Bock, Village President CLICK HERE to get to the official announcement from the
Hanover Park Web site

Public service will be on Monday March 13th from 1pm to 9pm
450 Lake St

It is with great sadness the we report to you that Irwin "Irv" Bock, The mayor of Hanover Park has passed.

Irv was a great man and was VERY helpful when approached with concerns and ideas that I and management had brought to him concerning Hanover Square. It was with his help we got the street lights put up on Bristol and Kingsbury as well as the trees along Kingsbury. Not to mention many other projects and resources he helped us with.

He will be missed

(From Daily Herald)
By Emily Ngo
Daily Herald Staff Writer

Irwin Bock, village president of Hanover Park for nearly a decade, died on Thursday March 9th after suffering a stroke in early February.

Bock, 65, passed away at Alexian Brothers Medical Center, the Elk Grove Village hospital that he has been in and out of since his stroke on Feb. 4, said Hanover Park officials.

“We were all hopeful that he was going to recover,” said Village Manager Marc Hummel. “Now we’re in a state of mourning over the loss of our dedicated leader.”

Bock was first elected Hanover Park trustee in 1985. After three terms on the village board, he was elected mayor in 1997 and then re-elected in 2001 and 2005 — both times without opposition.

“He lived for the village,” Hummel said. “He was your classic, dedicated public official.”

Bock also had been president of the Northwest Municipal Conference and vice-president of the Illinois Municipal Conference.

Active with the DuPage Public Safety Communications organization, Bock’s “real interest and expertise was public safety,” Hummel said.

Bock worked with the Chicago Police Department for 25 years and was also a volunteer firefighter for what was the Ontarioville Fire Protection District.

Bock is survived by his wife, Carol, and his two children, Cheri and Jeff.

Deputy Village President Robert Packham has served as interim mayor since Bock first fell ill.

Bock’s death follows that of another Hanover Park village president. Longtime mayor, Sonya Crawshaw, who preceded Bock in the job, died last December.



March 2006

New lights are being installed in the complex! Some existing poles will have extra light fixtures put on them and some new poles will also be installed.
This will not only help in the safety aspect but will also help detour crime.
The village has also installed yet another street light on Kingsbury. That makes 3 they have but up in Kingsbury and One on Bristol since we started asking for them in 2003.

New Street light on Kingsbury by 7604 building
New pole by 7608   New pole by 1311





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