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June 28, 2003

Tired of telemarketers calling your home trying to sell you things? Wish you could get them to stop?
WELL YOU CAN!, Well Most of them anyway.
The U.S. Government has set up a new national "Do Not Call" list. This is a list in which telemarketing companies
MUST research before making sales calls. If a number in their list is on the "Do Not Call" list they MUST NOT CALL IT.
If they do call, and the "Do Not Call" committee gets a complaint about the violation, The offending company can be
fined up to $11,000.

This does not eliminate ALL calls. The "Do Not Call" list does not apply to charities, political organizations, or companies
you have already done business with.
You can register your number for the "Do Not Call" list for FREE at this web site ....

The site and registration is up and running now, But the list does not take effect until October.


June 24th, 2003

More Roofs Repaired
Sections of roofs on the 7604, 7609, and 7607 building were replaced this month. And as usual the dammage was
worse than anticipated. The new sections are now up to code and WILL not leak at all thanks to Style construction
and their dilagence to do the job right!

We are still attempting to get the loan for over $600,000 to have all the roofs on all the buildings done. No word on
this is available yet. We will keep everyone updated when we have news to report.


April, 2003


See this alert? Now what it is? It is a national alert system set in place to alert people about missing or
abducted children nation wide.
When a child is reported missing or abducted an amber alert is but out nation wide alerting people of
who it is, what they look like and other information that can help return the child home.
The amber alert is sent to this web alert above, police, all news media and several other departments such as IDOT.

Feb 1st, 2003

Residents in new Village Highlighted
You should have received your newest Hanover Park Highlighter newsletter. If you look on the pack page, you will
see two Hanover Square residents. There are recognized for completing the Hanover Park Police Departments
"Citizen's Police Academy".

Jan 31st, 2003

Water line damage
Well with the cold water burst water lines are bound to happen.
1305 A reported a leak in their front yard. Village was called and we were told it was the line running the the A unit
and not the village line.
NOTE: Any service that goes to a unit exclusively, IE, water, gas, electric, AC ect is the responsibility of the home owner.
The homeowner was notified that it was their line and they needed to get a plumber to repair the problem. They in turn
called a licensed plumber and that company came out to do the work.
When the digging was done and water shut off from the village it had been told to us by the village that there may be two leaks.
One leak looks to have been caused by the plumbing companies digging and damaging the line from the villages water main
to the shut off valves . If the damage on this leak was caused by the plumbing company, they will be responsible for it. If it
was a leak from the cold, this will be covered by the association.
The possible second leak looks to be the line serving the A unit. This line from the shut off to the unit is the unit owners
Final cost that the association had to pay for this repair was $3,850.00. That means $27.74 of each units January payment
went to bay for this project alone.
See where the money goes? Doesn't take mush for the money to get used up fast.


Jan 23rd, 2003

Resident of the year
At the January 2003 association meeting Dave Banister of 1311A was presented with the first
"Resident of the Year" award by the board of directors.

Dave was chosen because of the numerous projects that he has helped with over the past year. Below is just a small
list of some of these...
Helped replace and repair several pole lights, rewired and repaired several residents garage lights, Helped with the
office rehab, helped with many security issues including Neighborhood watch and security equipment, he has helped
several residents with computer issues and is helping develop a new database program for the associations use,
Helped map out the utilities an the grounds and with a lot other projects.

Dave did all this on a volunteer basis and in fact even donated equipment and materials as well!
You are a shining example of what a outstanding neighbor should be!


Jan 8th, 2003

Bright nights are here
Well as of last night, January 7th 2003, the first two streetlights the village has installed in our neighborhood
are now powered up and working!
If you get a chance go take a look. These lights make a HUGE difference in the area. Not only for safety
on the dark street, but also help strengthen the security for people walking and for cars parked on the street.
In 2003 we will be trying to get a couple more to fill out the rest of the street as well as a couple of stop
signs put in place.


Jan 6th, 2003

Work continues on 7601
CLICK HERE to go to the pages dedicated to this topic for more details and photos.



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