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Oct 19th
We CAN see the light
Well there has been a HUGE improvement in those turning on their lights since the new rule about having garage and porch lights on from dust till dawn has been put into place.

We have sent out 3 reminder notices, One in July, One in Aug, and the 3rd and last in Oct. And MANY MANY more lights are one now then there were before.

And not only has it helped, but I have had both officers and the chief of police comment to me about how much nicer it is with the lights on and how they thing it is a great idea and thank everyone for participating in this effort.

Well we have given MORE than enough time for people to comply to the new rule without fines. Rule went into effect in July, we have given everyone months to change bulbs and get their lights working.

Nov 1st the rule was officially started to be enforced and violations WILL be sent to those not complying and not turning on their porch and garage lights.

IF you have a problem that you can not get fixed, You can contact Valerie Hodge at ACM Management and inform her of it. She will bring your issue to the board and we will determine if extra time can be granted, BUT it will be a SHORT TIME extension IF it is granted. Again we have given everyone months to take care of this before we enforced this rule. It isn't like we haven't warned you far in advance.



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