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7601 Fire Photos


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On May 4th, 2002 at around 11pm a fire broke out in the D garage of the 7601 building, damaging the C & D units as well as all the garages.

To this date no cause has been determined. The fire did start in the garage of the D unit, destroying the vehicle inside and making the garages unsafe and the D unit inhabitable. There have been many different theories on what caused the fire but the fire dept investigators were unable to make a determination on the exact cause.

We do know that the garage was left open all day. This may or may not have played a factor in the fire. But if the garage was closed like it should have been then no one could have done anything to start a fire by getting into the garage as it has been suggested by some. This is yet another reason we are so strict on the rule of keeping garage doors shut when no one is present.

The first estimate is in and the total for repairs is estimated at costing $167,090.82. Needless to say because no one cause  could be deemed, we had to file a claim with the association insurance company. This in turn caused our insurance premium to raised to $53,000 a year. What does this mean for you as a resident. Well when association costs increase so do your association fees. So it is in your best interest to follow the rules and be as safe as possible. A fire in one building can and does effect us all.

But There is positives to this event. No one was hurt or killed. And now the 7601 building will be the building with the newest siding and best looking.

Below is a time line of progress


March 2nd 2003
One last step!

Everything is now done with the exception of the gutters!
It took a long time, but the end of construction is here and the unit owners will be moving back in this week!
Check out the Photos page for Picture of the progress and the new Before & After photos.

Feb 22nd, 2003
Almost done

The C unit is nearly complete, the D unit is very close as well.
Painting and the siding is almost done too! If all goes well, by the end of next week, the 28th, everything should be finished and unit owners can move back in.

Feb 14th, 2003

All taping, mudding, and sanding is finished on the drywall and primer coat has been applied.
Some cabinets and doors have also been hung as well as some of the siding on the building.
Wont be long now till it is finished.

Feb 8th, 2003
Tape and mud

With all the drywall hung, and the inspection of the screws finished, the process of doing all the taping and mudding has begun!

Feb 5th, 2003
All drywall is up!!
All the drywall is up, and fastener inspection by the village is complete. Mudding and taping has now started.

Feb 3rd, 2003
Yet closer still!
Drywall is ready for tape and mud in the D unit. Painting of the garage interiors is started, insulation is almost done on the outside of the building.
You can see video of this point by clicking here.

Jan 29th, 2003
Getting closer.
More drywall has been put up and insulation has been installed.

Jan 22nd, 2003
Work is flowing now..
ALL the windows for the C & D units are installed. Ductwork and Drywall have been started and furnaces installed.

Jan 15th, 2003
A view outside.
The windows for the C & D units have started to be installed. Once these are done, and the weather warms up, they should be able to start on the siding, gutters and shutters.

Jan 6th, 2003
Still more progress
Drywall has been installed in the garages of the building and sealing of the framework is done as well.
We have run into a small snag with a plumbing issue which has set the completion back to February. Seams the village has decided that even though the plumbing is exposed that the joints must all be redone. Even though there was no damage to the plumbing from the fire at all. The village wants the joints redone because back in 1972 the copper pipes were joined together with lead. Now even so, the amount of lead used is not nearly close to the amount that can cause any heath problems.
Barring any more setbacks, the building should be done then.
The building will be getting all new siding, shutters and gutters are well once the windows are installed.

Nov 26th, 2002

Even more progress
Well With the snow comes a slight slow down in the work. But, all the old siding has been removed and new Tyvek installed from the garage, and the D & E units, as well as the side of the B & E units above the ranch units.
Replacement windows for those damaged are ordered, and so have the garage doors.

Work will continue on the outside until it is finished before interior work starts. After all it is  winter.

If all goes well, and baring any unforeseen problems, work should be done by Mid January.

Nov 19th, 2002

More progress
Today the new new roof trusses for the garage were finished being installed, eave on side of garage rebuilt and wood and tar paper installed on the front of the garage roof.

The damaged studs between the garages and units were also replaced. as well as part of the wall between the units and garages and the exterior wall by the garage doors.

Nov 18th, 2002

7601 update
Today the damaged roof trusses on the garage were removed and new ones have started to be installed. By Tuesday they should be done with them and can start to lay down the roofing over them.

Nov 15th, 2002

The Siding on the garage has been removed and the garage windows have been removed.
The windows on the garage will not be replaced. This has been done to reduce maintenance on the buildings and to give them a cleaner look.
The openings were the windows were have been framed in and Tyvek has been put up on the side walls of the garage.

Nov 14th, 2002

The plans have been approved and it looks like the work to rebuild 7601 will be starting in the next week. It is a pain staking process of getting drawings done, approved and ok'ed. But its done now and the building can start. Stay tuned for photos of the progress.

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