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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE !!! - PLEASE call nicor and have your gas lines inspected! We have had many leaks in the last few weeks from the cold and stress from heating the units. Some of the lines are just plain old and deteriorated. Nicor will come out and inspect them for free. Just call 1-888-NICOR 4U  - 1-888-642-6748  This is very important to have this done. Remember if you dont do it not only could YOUR unit catch fire, but all your neighbors units as well.


Thank you for visiting the Hanover Square
Condominium Association website.


Not even 1 week after completion of the road, curb, dumpster project and

we are already having issues with people leaving garbage on ground and MANY shopping carts being brought onto property. If we catch an resident not putting garbage in dumpster

they WILL be fined!

If we catch those bringing carts onto property we will issue a fine as well as inform the store where they were taken from as to who took their cart off their property. They can then press charges of theft if they choose.

We are working hard to make Hanover Square look good and issues like these do not help. They make this place look bad. PLEASE do your part. DO NOT BRING SHOPPING CARTS ONTO COMPLEX, AND PUT GARBAGE IN the dumpster, not on the side. DO NOT send a child out with garbage if they are not able to get it in the dumpster.



On this site we try to provide you, the residents of Hanover Square, and those interested in our community with as much information about Hanover Square as we can

One of the main reasons for this site is to help communication between the residents, board and management. The more we all work together the better we can make this community. This site along with the newsletter are the first steps of many to continue the great start we already have in bettering the neighborhood and bringing us all together.

You will be able to download or email forms you may need for improvements here, report violations, Read about the history of Hanover square, Not to mention get info about management, the board of directors and community services.

One of the most exciting sections is the residents section where you will find information about residents of Hanover Square and how they have helped make this a better place to live.


We are located just of the NE corner of Bristol Lane and Kingsbury Drive in the Cook County section of Hanover Park, IL. Just off the corners Barrington Road & Irving Park Road (Rt. 19).

We have 24 buildings with 6 units each for a total of 144 units. Each building is made of four 3 bedroom, 2 story units, two 2 bedroom 1 story units, and 6 single car garages.

Association fees are for the upkeep and maintenance of the common grounds exterior & structure of the buildings as well as provide security and for costs of managing the association.

We are in the Schaumburg school district and use the Streamwood Post office. In 2001 Hanover Park had FINALLY gotten their own ZIP Code after sharing one with Bartlett since Hanover Park was founded!

Use the buttons to the left to get to different sections of this site.

Garage & Porch lights: Must be on from dusk till dawn. Contrary to popular belief, the cost of running a light is not as expensive as many think.
An regular incandescent 60w bulb costs an average of .02 cents per hour to run. A 100w florescent bulb costs about .009 cents. That's less than 1 cent a hour!
So for an average of 8 hours a day for 30days ...
60w incandescent = $4.80 per month
100W florescent = $2.16 per month




Just a reminder, when your not home close AND LOCK your doors and windows.
We know with the nice weather the temptation to live windows open a crack to let fresh air in while your at work sound nice, but its an open invitation to burglars. It isn't hard to rip a screen and get in if window is open.




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March 2010
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Updated on
Wednesday, February 09, 2011


  • Blizzard and snow info
    Feb 5: See it by CLICKING HERE


  • Light Rule WILL be enforced
    After months of reminders and warnings, the light rule WILL be enforced  and violations WILL be sent ... CLICK HERE for more

  • Cost of lighting bulb
    Concerned about what running your light at night will cost you? Not as bad as you think  CLICK HERE to see the numbers.

    It seems that no mater how many times we ask for everyone to place garbage INSIDE DUMPSTERS people still do not do it.
    Remember it costs money to have dumpster corals cleaned, money that could be used elsewhere!
    Old carpet, furniture, plastic bags and other items are being found next to dumpsters.
    If garbage belonging to you is found on ground, not IN dumpster, you will be issued a fine, and be charged the cost of clean up as well.
    Also, dumpsters are for those living on property ONLY! If your an offsite owner you CANNOT bring waist onto property for disposal.


  •  All Unit owners PLEASE make sure you fill out and return a Owners Information Form and mail it to address listed on the bottom of it. CLICK HERE for form



Contact Information

847 301 1133
847 301 7472
Postal address
1908 Wright Blvd  Schaumburg, IL 60193
Electronic mail
General Information: valerie @ acmweb . com
Work orders: hanoversquare @ acmweb . com
Webmaster: hanoversquarepres @ yahoo . com
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